The brochure from the “Strategy for a transnational network of transfer promotors” guides from the vision to the diagnosis, strategic goals and at the end the institutional and financial part. To the PDF version.

Eleventh TRANS³Net-Newsletter (Dec 2019)
Tenth TRANS³Net-Newsletter (July 2019)
Ninth TRANS³Net-Newsletter (March 2019)
Eighth TRANS³Net-Newsletter (December 2018)
Seventh TRANS³Net-Newsletter (October 2018)
Sixth TRANS³Net-newsletter (July 2018)
Fith TRANS³Net-newsletter (March 2018)
Fourth TRANS³-Net-newsletter (Dec 2017)
Third TRANS³Net-newsletter (Aug 2017)
Second TRANS³Net-newsletter (May 2017)
First TRANS³Net-newsletter (Dec 2016)

TRANS³Net project team developed a common understanding of transfer process which flew in a reference model of  transfer. This forms the basis of all works done by TRANS³Net.

In a second working step the project team performed a SWOT-analysis to the framework conditions of transnational transfer. Here you can find a summary of the findings.