The atlas of transfer promotors provides an overview of the actors and institutions that are active in the transfer process (including their competencies and offers) in the tri-national area Germany, Czech Republic and Poland for the first time. It is possible to search in different categories like country, type of organization (university, public institution, research institute, company or facilitator), offered service (portfolio) and main targets (company size and geographical orientation) in the directory.


In the map the transfer promotors can be differentiated in colours according to their type of organization. Beside contact details all transfer promotors present themselves in a professional profile with their services, experience, knowledge and skills.


Every network needs participation to live. The identification tool with the questionnaire for identification and description of transfer promotors is further online available. This is the opportunity and invitation for actors and institutions that are not yet included in the map, to participate. Please download the word-Document, fill it out and send it back to us.

Furthermore we offer for all participants with the map of transfer promotors the possibility, to announce events and interesting dates with respect to technology transfer topic.


Here in future you will find also our database with interesting transfer offers in the TRANS³Net-Pipeline.