Project approach

Transfer promotors

Transfer of knowledge and technology between economic and scientific sphere contributes to the development of innovation. Nevertheless, there are still many barriers, that hamper transfer between those two spheres. Therefore, it requires a systematic support through ‘transfer promotors’ to overcome those obstacles. According to project`s assumptions, ‘transfer promotors’ operate in the initiation, implementation, and support of projects for knowledge and technology transfer between science and economy. ‘Transfer promotors’ are located in research organisations (e.g. transfer offices), associations close to economy (e.g. chambers of commerce), regional administrations and various intermediary  institutions (e. g. technology parks and centres). On one hand, they recognise needs of the economy and transmit them to scientific institutions. On the other hand, they act as boundary spanners, serve as links between the two spheres and contribute significantly to a functioning transfer of knowledge and the development of new technologies.

Approach of the project is, to build a transnational network of these ‘transfer promotors’, who serve as key players in the transfer process in order to support the initiation and implementation of transnational cooperation between science and economy. The linkages of the ‘transfer promotors’ will be based on trustful relations established within the project lifetime. In this regard, the proposed network takes on a coordinating function, aims to make contact initiation more efficient. It bundles existing national support structures for innovation projects, reappraises them in terms of transnational cooperation and advises on their use and access. Additionally, it develops, pilot actions and implements support services which are currently still missing in the tri-lateral region.