Project´s objectives

The project´s main objective is to significantly contribute to the emergence of a functional transnational innovation system in the trinational border area between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. This will be characterised by a self-sustaining cooperation between ‘transfer promotors’ and further actors of the scientific, economic and public sphere in order to initiate, implement and transfer new technologies. Therefore, TRANS³Net strengthens the links between science as well as economy and the public administration. It sets the framework for the emergence of a functioning innovation system and in turn fosters innovation capacity in Central Europe.

Planned project outputs

  • Tool to identify transfer promotors
  • Online map of transfer promotors
  • Innovation web platform (tool)
  • Transnational trainings to empower transfer promotors for transnational transfer
  • Implementation of Pilot actions (TRANS³Net_show; TRANS³Net_visit & TRANS³Net_dialogue) to foster transnational knowledge and technology transfer
  • Transnational cooperation network of transfer promotors