Review: Strategy-Workshop for a transnational cooperation network of transfer promotors


About 40 participants attended the Strategy-Workshop of TRANS³Net on 10th October 2017 at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. After welcome words from Zbigniew Dynak, Director of the Department of Regional Development from Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia, the Deputy Director for Research from Wrocław Technology Park, Joanna Kułdo, presented the successful cooperation work between science and technology in their Technology Park. Then the feedback from consultations of policymakers in all three regions to the strategy were presented. Michal Frycz from the Marshal’s Office did it for Lower Silesia, Karel Tichý from the Economic and Social Council of the Ústí region presented the results from the consultations in Czech Republik and Melanie Giebel from Technical University Dresden continued with a summary of the interviews in Saxony. The workshop ended with a discussion about the goals of the intended transnational cooperation network of transfer promotors.

The strategy is now finalized by the project partner Wroclaw Regional Development Agency. Derived from that an action plan with precise things the network should implement will be conducted. Both papers should be the basis for the successful establishment of a transnational network of transfer promotors in future.

The workshop was part of the framework programme of the DRESDEN-concept science exhibition that took place from 22 Sept until 11 Oct in Wrocław. Many thanks to DRESDEN-concept for the great cooperation.

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