Review: First visit 2018 at UJEP in Ústí with interesting insight into different labs

Nanotechnology and modern material were in the focus of the second TRANS³Net.visit begin of February 2018 in Ústí nad Labem. 28 participants from scientific sphere and SMEs could visit the equipment of Faculty of Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Environment on J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí n. L. The round tour through the different labs gave the scientists and employees of SMEs an interesting insight into the status quo of research at UJEP. The participants appreciated especially the variety and possibility for exchange and talks with other scientists in the labs. The event ended with a discussion about how research can be better prepared for technology transfer and how the different spheres of science and economy can be better activated for a cooperation on new technologies.

visit-ujep-2018_13 visit-ujep-2018_5 visit-ujep-2018_12 visit-ujep-2018_11 visit-ujep-2018_9 visit-ujep-2018_4 visit-ujep-2018_2