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, , Simple and low-budget technology consisting in doping at the stage of production of polyacrylonitrile fibres with silver or gold nanoparticles, in order to obtain a textile material with antibacterial...Details
, The subject of the offer is a remote device, equipped with a 3D laser scanner, for testing the morphology of flat, especially concrete, surfaces. The device is remote controlled, which allows its entr...Details
, , , Materials are cut, drilled or labeled by a plasma jet (temperature up to 25,000 Kelvin). This process is suitable for numerous materials such as metals, plastics and composite materials and can achiev...Details
Ice-minimizing coatings are technically relevant for numerous branches of industry, such as wind energy and refrigeration technology, as well as aviation, since tires for these systems not only mean i...Details
, The objective of the EISAB project was to design an active polymeric coating that postpones the formation of ice layers and decreases ice adhesion on surfaces. For this purpose a nano-structure of po...Details
, Ice formation on wind turbines, aircraft, trains, overhead lines, refrigeration systems, air coolers or heat exchangers increases their maintenance effort, causes unplanned downtimes and in some cases...Details
, To increase machining quality and efficiency, an adaptive vibration compensator is used to reduce process-related vibrations. This enables a relative movement between tool spindle and robot arm by mea...Details
, , In many machines, multiple hydraulic drives (functions 1…i) are supplied by one single pump. The actuators are very often operated independently and simultaneously. The hydraulic control system has ...Details