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, A spectrally programmable light source allows targeted control of the light components present in the spectrum and thus the generation of different desired light spectra. This makes it possible to con...Details
Fermentation conditions for microorganisms used in food technology that lead to increased exopolysaccharide (EPS) formation are to be found in a targeted manner. The aim is to decouple EPS production ...Details
, , , The focus is on effective and reliable simulation, efficient and reproducible production and the cross-industry use of complex textile-reinforced composite components for function-integrating composit...Details
, The tools enable you to make services visible in your own company, to record associated expenses, to record customer requirements, to systematically design services and related processes and to integr...Details
, In cable cars, cable cranes and elevators, ropes are driven by traction sheaves. In the classic traction sheave, the necessary driving force is transmitted to the moving rope by frictional connection....Details
, Modern product development is characterized by the collaboration of development teams and the use of heterogeneous virtual prototypes. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is used to manage the data...Details (only german) Would you like to view thematic maps of Saxony as a business location? They can be found under the category "Saxony as a business location". ...Details
, The use of hexapod parallel kinematics opens up innovative process possibilities for lifting, digging, gripping and loading. Durch den Einsatz der Hexapod-Parallelkinematik ergeben sich innovat...Details

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