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The pump is a gear pump with internal gear. The innovation of the pump is a variable adjustment of the work space. The change of the work space is obtained by movement (along the pump axis) of the lim...Details
An innovative, energy-saving synchronous motor with high-efficient and high-power permanent magnets - for specialist applications in mining machines (pumps, high-power fans)....Details
, The integration of electric drives in the functional elements allows system simplification by reducing the number of drive and transmission elements. During the ginning process, the speed stiffness is...Details
Die Gemeinschaftsaufgabe „Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur“ (GRW) ist das zentrale Instrument für regionale Wirtschaftsförderung in Deutschland. Bund und Länder haben das F...Details
, , , Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chlorinated hydrocarbons of anthropogenic origin. However, due to their toxicity, they are considered carcinogenic and mutagenic. Since 1989, the production, plac...Details
, The subject of the project is a laser cutting device, in particular for cutting layered composites. A device with a laser head can be mounted as an effector of an industrial robot. In addition, the de...Details
, The subject of the offer is the technology of construction and principles of operation of the laser-fibre optic vibrometer, enabling simultaneous analysis of vibrations of four independent points of t...Details
, Rare earths occur in mixtures with each other or with other elements, while they are needed in the purest possible form. An important goal is therefore the development of suitable separation methods f...Details