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Macroporous bead cellulose is an excellent matrix for sophisticated applications in many diverse areas including analytical chemistry, enzyme engineering or biotechnology, where its hydrophilic nature...Details
, The goal is to compensate the parameter blur by generating robust control key figures from the collective orders during rough-cut planning. Das Ziel besteht in der Kompensierung der Parameterun...Details
Filtration media of new generation for air nanofiltration with antimicrobial effect...Details
The parallel kinematic machine concept (Hexapod) combines the advantages of an machine tool (working accuracy, process forces) and robots (mobility in 6 degrees of freedom) under cost-effective condit...Details
, , , Often the concentrations of the desired metabolites in the plants are low and fluctuate strongly with the geographical and meteorological conditions. As an alternative, plant in vitro systems offer th...Details
, A "virtual power plant" is the connection of decentralised energy generation plants, thermal storage facilities and controllable energy consumers (passive / active) with a communication centre. The sp...Details
, , , In sliding drawing bending, a sheet metal strip is drawn quasi-continuously through a forming die by means of a feed device. As a result, profiles in intermediate sizes can be varied across the cr...Details

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