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, , , The evaluation of the energy saving potential and the targeted adaptation of optimisation measures can be carried out systematically by means of a thermal analysis in which the real plant is simplifie...Details
, , The subject of the invention is a method of applying an antibacterial coating (zinc oxide nanoparticles) to a knitted fabric or fabric in order to be able to produce textiles with antibacterial proper...Details
, FLASH (Flexible Lirec Autonomous Social Helper) is a social robot consisting of a two-wheeled balancing mobile platform, a body with two arms ended with four-fingered hands and an EMYS (EMotive headY ...Details
, , , In addition to design issues and the materials used, innovative ideas on vehicle packages, occupant safety and drive technology were also incorporated from the outset in the design of the concepts. In...Details
, Production of color detection test is based on the use of a synthetic substrate specific for this enzyme – ortho – nitrophenyl pyranoside (ONPG) immobilized by entrapment inside crosslinked struct...Details
, , The drill is used in construction works as well as specialist concrete tests. The core drill has an elliptical shape, which leads to reducing of forces generated during drilling, and thus to a slower ...Details
, Methodology of effective integration of RFID tags with packaging, consumer goods and carriers of intangible goods using previous printing techniques used at industrial scale....Details