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, Rare earths occur in mixtures with each other or with other elements, while they are needed in the purest possible form. An important goal is therefore the development of suitable separation methods f...Details
Magnetic sorbents have a wide potential in environmental applications due to their simple synthesis and separability in a magnetic field, usability in heterogeneous systems and low toxicity. They have...Details
, Multiphase flows as a mixture of substances from a combination of gases, liquids and solids determine the efficiency and safety of processes in the chemical industry, the petroleum industry, power pla...Details
, (Bio)-fouling involves a high risk for products and consumers in the food industry. The formation of biofilm on surfaces in contact with the product is particularly critical. If microbial contaminatio...Details
, In the future, the generation and conversion of electrical power will play an important role in increasing efficiency and extending functionality in agricultural machinery. With the development of...Details
, , , Conventional deep-drawing tools can be made of different materials, depending on the application. Due to their high strength and good fatigue strength, steel or cast tools are usually used for deep-dr...Details
The so-called reactive sorbents are able not only to retain various toxic substances on their surface, but also to decompose them to non-toxic or less-toxic residua. The reactive sorbents are effectiv...Details
Usage of most of materials is limited due their surface properties despite of their excellent properties. Therefore we develop methods to improve the surface properties of materials and then extent t...Details

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