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, The offer concerns the solution locating and identifying the set elements automatically in the production process that do not meet the assumed quality requirements. The solution is in the form of adva...Details
, Bevel cutting is an interesting alternative to the usual full-edged shearing. It is indispensable for the chipless cutting of component-like workpieces, such as lightweight profiles and tubes. An inc...Details
, Natural fibre organo sheets with biopolymers represent a new generation of materials. The natural fibre structure is bonded to a matrix of biobased thermoplastic material, resulting in a semi-finished...Details
Problem: Development of new microarrays for detecting protein markers and circulating tumor cells in the blood (or urine) of patients. Solution: We develop biosensors for fluid biopsy and analysis of...Details
The goal is to develop optical biosensors for monitoring of presence and quantification of important biomarkers. We develop biosensors for monitoring of both quantitative and qualitative estimation of...Details
, Biocatalysis is an effective substitute method to the standard chemical synthesis, leading to optical active isomers. Using two strains of selected photoautothropic microorganisms as biocatalysts, Nod...Details
In a blood stream nanoparticles can be degrade or strongly interact with proteins those events can effectively prevent nanoparticles to penetrate through cell membranes. Even nanoparticles will be suc...Details
, Development of new aluminium coating for purposes of automotive in order to improve surface properties of metals mold for tires pressure. These molds are usually made from aluminium alloys and they ar...Details