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, Biocatalysis is an effective substitute method to the standard chemical synthesis, leading to optical active isomers. Using two strains of selected photoautothropic microorganisms as biocatalysts, Nod...Details
, Development of new aluminium coating for purposes of automotive in order to improve surface properties of metals mold for tires pressure. These molds are usually made from aluminium alloys and they ar...Details
, , , Thermoplastic hybrid yarns are used as starting material, which enable fully automated preform production with low waste. Braiding technology in particular allows the production of textile reinforceme...Details
, The subject of the offer is a composite fibre-cement material designed for the production of building elements, in particular fibre-cement boards. The composition of the composite fibre-cement materia...Details
, , , Hybrid yarn-textile-thermoplastic (HGTT) composites and the associated technologies are a central element. In terms of productive production of material-efficient function-integrating structural compo...Details
, The technology offered is an innovative device that allows the application of multi-layered coatings for particles with a diameter of 100-1000 μm at low temperature and in a short time without the us...Details
Electrohydraulic compact drives (ECDs) are a special form of pump-controlled systems. A feature of these drives is the integration of all components in one assembly. So the ECDs only have one electric...Details
, EMYS (EMotive headY System) is an expressive robotic head. It consists of three independent discs, the top and bottom of which are movable. The robot's eyes, along with the vision system, are located ...Details