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The electrode is made in the low-temperature technology of co-fired ceramics along with immobilised biological material and is intended for the determination of dopamine concentrations. Currently, ...Details
The subject of the technological offer is technical documentation, tested prototype and knowledge of a team of scientists regarding an innovative tracked vehicle for servicing guy ropes and specialise...Details
, Analum is an bioanalytical detection kit utilizing encapsulated bioreporters (bioluminescence emitting microorganisms) for fast detection of multiple pollution in water (currently optimized versions i...Details
, The offer concerns an IT application whose main function is to calculate the forces, moments and power of the cutting process being part of technological processes in industry. The application allows ...Details
, The body shell (made of armour plate) is V-shaped. This ensures the proper rigidity of the body in case of detonation of a charge under the vehicle, as well as during the explosion of a charge detonat...Details
, The offer concerns the solution locating and identifying the set elements automatically in the production process that do not meet the assumed quality requirements. The solution is in the form of adva...Details
, Bevel cutting is an interesting alternative to the usual full-edged shearing. It is indispensable for the chipless cutting of component-like workpieces, such as lightweight profiles and tubes. An inc...Details
, Natural fibre organo sheets with biopolymers represent a new generation of materials. The natural fibre structure is bonded to a matrix of biobased thermoplastic material, resulting in a semi-finished...Details