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, , , Thermoplastic hybrid yarns are used as starting material, which enable fully automated preform production with low waste. Braiding technology in particular allows the production of textile reinforceme...Details
, , , Hybrid yarn-textile-thermoplastic (HGTT) composites and the associated technologies are a central element. In terms of productive production of material-efficient function-integrating structural compo...Details
, , , The evaluation of the energy saving potential and the targeted adaptation of optimisation measures can be carried out systematically by means of a thermal analysis in which the real plant is simplifie...Details
, , , In addition to design issues and the materials used, innovative ideas on vehicle packages, occupant safety and drive technology were also incorporated from the outset in the design of the concepts. In...Details
, The integration of electric drives in the functional elements allows system simplification by reducing the number of drive and transmission elements. During the ginning process, the speed stiffness is...Details
Die Gemeinschaftsaufgabe „Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur“ (GRW) ist das zentrale Instrument für regionale Wirtschaftsförderung in Deutschland. Bund und Länder haben das F...Details
, , , Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chlorinated hydrocarbons of anthropogenic origin. However, due to their toxicity, they are considered carcinogenic and mutagenic. Since 1989, the production, plac...Details

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