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, , In many machines, multiple hydraulic drives (functions 1…i) are supplied by one single pump. The actuators are very often operated independently and simultaneously. The hydraulic control system has ...Details
, The body shell (made of armour plate) is V-shaped. This ensures the proper rigidity of the body in case of detonation of a charge under the vehicle, as well as during the explosion of a charge detonat...Details
, , , Hybrid yarn-textile-thermoplastic (HGTT) composites and the associated technologies are a central element. In terms of productive production of material-efficient function-integrating structural compo...Details
Eyetracking data allow the detection of human eye movement and present it image-based and synchronous to processes dar. This usually happens on the basis of two-dimensional coordinate pairs, which are...Details
, In cable cars, cable cranes and elevators, ropes are driven by traction sheaves. In the classic traction sheave, the necessary driving force is transmitted to the moving rope by frictional connection....Details
, Modern product development is characterized by the collaboration of development teams and the use of heterogeneous virtual prototypes. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is used to manage the data...Details
, The use of hexapod parallel kinematics opens up innovative process possibilities for lifting, digging, gripping and loading. Durch den Einsatz der Hexapod-Parallelkinematik ergeben sich innovat...Details