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, The subject of the offer is a remote device, equipped with a 3D laser scanner, for testing the morphology of flat, especially concrete, surfaces. The device is remote controlled, which allows its entr...Details
, , In many machines, multiple hydraulic drives (functions 1…i) are supplied by one single pump. The actuators are very often operated independently and simultaneously. The hydraulic control system has ...Details
, Analum is an bioanalytical detection kit utilizing encapsulated bioreporters (bioluminescence emitting microorganisms) for fast detection of multiple pollution in water (currently optimized versions i...Details
, The offer concerns an IT application whose main function is to calculate the forces, moments and power of the cutting process being part of technological processes in industry. The application allows ...Details
, The offer concerns the solution locating and identifying the set elements automatically in the production process that do not meet the assumed quality requirements. The solution is in the form of adva...Details
Manufacturing process possesses quality deviates under standard conditions. The typical problem is in the contaminations of materials (supplied components). It can be difficult to determine without p...Details
, Production of color detection test is based on the use of a synthetic substrate specific for this enzyme – ortho – nitrophenyl pyranoside (ONPG) immobilized by entrapment inside crosslinked struct...Details
, The subject of the offer is the technology of construction and principles of operation of the laser-fibre optic vibrometer, enabling simultaneous analysis of vibrations of four independent points of t...Details