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, The objective of the EISAB project was to design an active polymeric coating that postpones the formation of ice layers and decreases ice adhesion on surfaces. For this purpose a nano-structure of po...Details
, Ice formation on wind turbines, aircraft, trains, overhead lines, refrigeration systems, air coolers or heat exchangers increases their maintenance effort, causes unplanned downtimes and in some cases...Details
, Problem: Organic pollutants in the aquatic environment disrupt ecosystems, have an impact on the health of organisms and, as a result, cause economic losses. Solution: A magnetic sorbent based on Fe3...Details
Electrohydraulic compact drives (ECDs) are a special form of pump-controlled systems. A feature of these drives is the integration of all components in one assembly. So the ECDs only have one electric...Details
, EMYS (EMotive headY System) is an expressive robotic head. It consists of three independent discs, the top and bottom of which are movable. The robot's eyes, along with the vision system, are located ...Details
, FLASH (Flexible Lirec Autonomous Social Helper) is a social robot consisting of a two-wheeled balancing mobile platform, a body with two arms ended with four-fingered hands and an EMYS (EMotive headY ...Details
, Methodology of effective integration of RFID tags with packaging, consumer goods and carriers of intangible goods using previous printing techniques used at industrial scale....Details
, The subject of the offer is a mechatronic system for very accurate imitation of the movement of the knee joint - movement between the tibia and femur, including rolling and sliding. The mechanism, owi...Details