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, The ambition of the Fit-4-AMandA project is to modify the current design of PEMFC stacks and stack components, and build an entirely new equipment facilitating automation of the stack assembly process...Details
, The goal is to compensate the parameter blur by generating robust control key figures from the collective orders during rough-cut planning. Das Ziel besteht in der Kompensierung der Parameterun...Details
Especially in small manufacturing companies, large lots and production orders are often only insufficiently tracked in throughput. A search for the cause of a missed delivery date, for example, is the...Details
Current applied methods for data generation of logistic systems, e.g. work-sampling studies, are usually labour-intensive and inexact. Indoor tracking systems used in this area are expensive and need ...Details
The P2O-Lab offers the infrastructure and expertise needed for plug-and-produce. This includes the design of standard process modules, intelligent infrastructures and innovative integration concepts, ...Details