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, To increase machining quality and efficiency, an adaptive vibration compensator is used to reduce process-related vibrations. This enables a relative movement between tool spindle and robot arm by mea...Details
, , , The evaluation of the energy saving potential and the targeted adaptation of optimisation measures can be carried out systematically by means of a thermal analysis in which the real plant is simplifie...Details
, , , Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chlorinated hydrocarbons of anthropogenic origin. However, due to their toxicity, they are considered carcinogenic and mutagenic. Since 1989, the production, plac...Details
The parallel kinematic machine concept (Hexapod) combines the advantages of an machine tool (working accuracy, process forces) and robots (mobility in 6 degrees of freedom) under cost-effective condit...Details
, , , In sliding drawing bending, a sheet metal strip is drawn quasi-continuously through a forming die by means of a feed device. As a result, profiles in intermediate sizes can be varied across the cr...Details

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