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, , Simple and low-budget technology consisting in doping at the stage of production of polyacrylonitrile fibres with silver or gold nanoparticles, in order to obtain a textile material with antibacterial...Details
, , , Materials are cut, drilled or labeled by a plasma jet (temperature up to 25,000 Kelvin). This process is suitable for numerous materials such as metals, plastics and composite materials and can achiev...Details
, , , Thermoplastic hybrid yarns are used as starting material, which enable fully automated preform production with low waste. Braiding technology in particular allows the production of textile reinforceme...Details
, The subject of the offer is a composite fibre-cement material designed for the production of building elements, in particular fibre-cement boards. The composition of the composite fibre-cement materia...Details
, , , Hybrid yarn-textile-thermoplastic (HGTT) composites and the associated technologies are a central element. In terms of productive production of material-efficient function-integrating structural compo...Details
, , The subject of the invention is a method of applying an antibacterial coating (zinc oxide nanoparticles) to a knitted fabric or fabric in order to be able to produce textiles with antibacterial proper...Details
, , The offer concerns the method of production of thermal insulation panels with the use of used household appliances (refrigerators and freezers)....Details
, Macroporous bead cellulose is an excellent matrix for sophisticated applications in many diverse areas including analytical chemistry, enzyme engineering or biotechnology, where its hydrophilic nature...Details