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, Biocatalysis is an effective substitute method to the standard chemical synthesis, leading to optical active isomers. Using two strains of selected photoautothropic microorganisms as biocatalysts, Nod...Details
, , The sensor was composed of 8 layers and contains the main holder (A) and microfluidic module (B) with immobilized protein – laccase. Microchannels for the analyte which are placed in the microfluidi...Details
, The subject of this offer is an invention in the form of: (i) a group of compounds – peptide derivatives of diaryl esters of 1—aminoalkylphosphonic acids that can be used as inhibitors of NS3/4A p...Details
Fermentation conditions for microorganisms used in food technology that lead to increased exopolysaccharide (EPS) formation are to be found in a targeted manner. The aim is to decouple EPS production ...Details

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