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, , , Materials are cut, drilled or labeled by a plasma jet (temperature up to 25,000 Kelvin). This process is suitable for numerous materials such as metals, plastics and composite materials and can achiev...Details
Ice-minimizing coatings are technically relevant for numerous branches of industry, such as wind energy and refrigeration technology, as well as aviation, since tires for these systems not only mean i...Details
, Natural fibre organo sheets with biopolymers represent a new generation of materials. The natural fibre structure is bonded to a matrix of biobased thermoplastic material, resulting in a semi-finished...Details
, , , Thermoplastic hybrid yarns are used as starting material, which enable fully automated preform production with low waste. Braiding technology in particular allows the production of textile reinforceme...Details
, , , Hybrid yarn-textile-thermoplastic (HGTT) composites and the associated technologies are a central element. In terms of productive production of material-efficient function-integrating structural compo...Details
Magnetic sorbents have a wide potential in environmental applications due to their simple synthesis and separability in a magnetic field, usability in heterogeneous systems and low toxicity. They have...Details
, , , Conventional deep-drawing tools can be made of different materials, depending on the application. Due to their high strength and good fatigue strength, steel or cast tools are usually used for deep-dr...Details
The so-called reactive sorbents are able not only to retain various toxic substances on their surface, but also to decompose them to non-toxic or less-toxic residua. The reactive sorbents are effectiv...Details

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