, , 3D printing technology has become important the innovations, development and commercialization of various products in industry, medicine, chemical sciences, architecture etc. In biotechnology, 3D prin...Details
, , , Materials are cut, drilled or labeled by a plasma jet (temperature up to 25,000 Kelvin). This process is suitable for numerous materials such as metals, plastics and composite materials and can achiev...Details
Ice-minimizing coatings are technically relevant for numerous branches of industry, such as wind energy and refrigeration technology, as well as aviation, since tires for these systems not only mean i...Details
, The objective of the EISAB project was to design an active polymeric coating that postpones the formation of ice layers and decreases ice adhesion on surfaces. For this purpose a nano-structure of po...Details
, Hand in hand with new, diverse applications of nanostructures, such as nanoparticles (NPs), which show tremendous potential especially in biomedicine, raise questions about their possible negative eff...Details
, Problem: Organic pollutants in the aquatic environment disrupt ecosystems, have an impact on the health of organisms and, as a result, cause economic losses. Solution: A magnetic sorbent based on Fe3...Details
, Natural fibre organo sheets with biopolymers represent a new generation of materials. The natural fibre structure is bonded to a matrix of biobased thermoplastic material, resulting in a semi-finished...Details
In a blood stream nanoparticles can be degrade or strongly interact with proteins those events can effectively prevent nanoparticles to penetrate through cell membranes. Even nanoparticles will be suc...Details