AMICE Dialogue -Info Market at Engineering University Zittau

Interreg Central Europe Project AMICE invites you to have a further look in the sustainable networking within Additive Manufacturing and Circular Economy. With the AMiCE Dialogue to the 50th anniversary celebration of the Engineering University Zittau, today’s Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences brings current topics of digitization, such as industry 4.0, into the city. Companies, research institutions and interested citizens are invited to take part in specific lectures on industry 4.0. In this context Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) possibilities as well as the Circular Economy will be discussed in an interdisciplinary way. Together we will show the current state of research and present a picture of the near future.

3D printing is revolutionizing production technology. In addition to mass production or small batches, the trend is continuously moving towards individual production. Either customers configure the product online and then receive it via parcel services, or customers expect highly complex shapes at a price and at a speed that presents the classic toolmaking industry with enormous challenges.

Additive Manufacturing also poses challenges, such as increased consumption or material consumption of various plastics (such as PLA or ABS). There is great potential for socio-ecological research aimed at developing strategies to solve sustainability problems. This requires interdisciplinary and problem-solving cooperation between researchers, producers, consumers and legislators. The advantages and disadvantages must always be kept in focus for a sustainable development of the 3D printing technology and the associated Circular Economy.
The above-mentioned topics will be examined and discussed in more detail in the AMiCE Dialogue. Here ist the agenda with registration info.