city with zip-code: LEGNICA 59-220
adress: RYCERSKA 24
contact name: MAGDA MONTEIRO
contact mail: m.monteiro@letia.pl
contact telephone: +48697890426

LETIA’s aim is to create a link between business and science. LETIA offers to the entrepreneurs many attractive services, which enable them to concentrate on their core business activities. Main goals of LETIA include: recruiting innovative investors, developing initiatives and providing assistance for the investors so that they can develop modern technologies, creating new and permanent workplaces.

Mission of LETIA is to create permanent workplaces and increase economic competitiveness in the region through active recruitment of innovative investors and providing optimal assistance for development of modern technologies and organizational solutions.

transfer topics:

LETIA is especially focused on the topics related to following areas: mining industry, environmental protection, renewable and alternative sources of energy. The scope of actions performed in the field of technology transfer in terms of research, integration and implementation, includes i.a. planning, production and use of advanced materials. LETIA delivers preferential access to specialist services:
– Outsourcing of business processes – IT, legal and accountancy service and consultancy,
– Assistance with raising funds (public and commercial),
– Marketing and promotion of companies and their products,
– Support in terms of staff recruitment,
– Organisation of fairs, exhibitions and trade missions,
– Assistance with research for partners in academic and business environments,
– Friendly investor service (one stop shop).