TRANS³Net-Portal for transnational innovation and transfer

karteThe border area between Germany, Czech Republic and Poland is characterised by a low level of transnational cooperation between science and industry. Thus, the most important aim of TRANS³Net is to shape conditions for building up a well working innovation system in this tri-national region. This objective will be realised by establishing strong ties and a self-sustaining cooperation between key players of the innovation system and further actors of the scientific, economic and public sphere. By involving all key players relevant for knowledge and technology transfer, TRANS³Net will provide a solution to overcome the multifaceted obstacles concerning transnational cooperation between science and industry.


The network TRANS³Net is established by nine partners of the TRANS³Net project. To get an overview and impression of the actors and institutions that are active in the transfer process (including their competencies and offers) in the tri-national area Germany, Czech Republic and Poland it is worth to have a look into the TRANS³Net catalogue.


This catalogue – for the first time – shows how big is the landscape of transfer actors in the transnational region. For that overview the map is a good starting point. In the map can be differentiated in colours according to the type of organization. Beside contact details all transfer players present themselves in a professional profile with their services, experience, knowledge and skills.

To look for a cooperation partner it is possible to search in different categories like country, type of organization (university, public institution, research institute, company or facilitator) and offered service (portfolio) in the catalogue.


Every network needs participation to live. To become part of the map and catalogue, interested transfer institutions or actors can fill out the questionnaire. Please download the word-Document, fill it out and send it back to

Furthermore we offer for all participants with the map of transfer promotors the possibility, to announce events and interesting dates with respect to technology transfer topic in the event-calendar.


transfer-promotor-bagThe Innovation Portal is an offer of the TRANS³Net network to accelerate and increase the initiation of concrete transfer projects and innovation processes from research to industry. The profiles in the database are currently mainly derived from the research of scientists at the three Universities (Technische Universität Dresden, Jan-Evangelista-Purkyně-Universität Ústí nad Labem, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology).