Session 8: Technical and analytical measurement issues

Optimal sensor placement based on model order reduction
P. Benner (a), R. Herzog (b), N. Lang (b), I. Riedel (b), J. Saak (a)
(a)  Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory, Magdeburg
(b) Research group Numerical Mathematics (Partial
Differential Equations), Chemnitz University of Technology

Workpiece temperature measurement and stabilization prior to dimensional measurement
N. S. Mian, S. Fletcher, A. P. Longstaff
University of Huddersfield

Measurement of test pieces for thermal induced displacements on milling machines
H. Höfer, H. Wiemer
Institute of Machine Tools and Control Engineering,
TU Dresden

Model reduction for thermally induced deformation compensation of metrology frames
J. v. d. Boom
ASML Netherlands B.V., The Netherlands

Local heat transfer measurement
A. Kuntze, S. Odenbach, W. Uffrecht
Institute of Fluid Mechanics, TU Dresden