Session 6: Thermo-energetic analysis and modelling, shown by the example of spindles

Investigation of passive torque of oil-air lubricated angular contact ball bearing and its modelling
J. Kekula, M. Sulitka, P. Kolář, J. Shim, P. Kohút
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering FS, Czech Technical University in Prague

Cooling potential of heat pipes and heat exchangers within a machine tool spindle
B. Denkena, B. Bergman, H. Klemme, D. Dahlmann
Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Modelling of kinematic and thermal effects on quasi-static spindle-systems
C. Brecher, S. Neus, J. Falker, M. Gärtner
Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, RWTH Aachen University