Session 3: Approaches considering enviromental conditions

Clustering by optimal subsets to describe environment interdependencies
J. Glänzel (a), R. Unger (b), S. Ihlenfeldt (a,c)
(a)    Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, Chemnitz
(b)    TU Chemnitz, Fakulty of Mathematics
(c)     Institute of Machine Tools and Control Engineering, TU Dresden

Using meta models for enclosures in machine tools
F. Pavliček (a), D. P. Pamies (a), J. Mayr (b), S. Züst (a) , P. Blaser(a), P. Hernandez Becerro (b), K. Wegener (a,b)
(a)    Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing, ETH Zurich
(b)    Inspire AG, Zurich

Model order reduction of thermal models of machine tools with varying boundary conditions
P. Hernández-Becerro (a), J. Mayr (a), P. Blaser (b), F. Pavliček (b), K. Wegener (b)
(a)    Inspire AG, Zurich
(b)    Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing, ETH Zurich

Effectiveness of modelling the thermal behaviour of the ball screw unit with moving heat sources taken into account
J. Jedrzejewski, Z. Kowal, W. Kwasny, Z. Winiarski
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology