Guided tour of the IWM’s test facilities

Experimental Machine „MAX“

  • photogrammetric measurement of thermal influences
    on machine tools
  • structure based compensation of thermal effects

Technology Demonstrator „FELIX“

  • double‐ball‐bar based measurement and evaluation of
    the volumetric accuracy of multi‐axis machine tools
    under operational conditions
  •  thermography of machine tool structures
  •  structure integrated force measurement

Technology Demonstrator „MiniHex“

  • 3D/5D extrusion printing using parallel‐kinemacs

Control Lab

  • structure based modelling and model reduction
  • correction of thermal errors and compensaon of
    thermal effects integrated into an industrial control

Cardboard Cup Producon Line

  • technology data management
  • machine learning algorithms for production systems
  • Cyber‐physical production Systems


  • Vising the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and
    Forming Technology IWU, Dresden